• Inspires Pete every day with her insight, intelligence and charm. There is seldom anything better in the world than a supportive wife that allows her husband to pursue his dreams.
  • Whether present or not during the conceptual stages of a project, Ashley's spirit guides creative choices.
  • Always eager (MAYBE a bit too much) to offer outsider opinion on projects near completion.

Agency Director

  • A true genius of design and advertising. Greg and Pete have collaborated on countless commercials and programs of eclectic content.
  • Greg has created the poster artwork and design layout for HAZE, Alice in Wasteland, The Creep Behind the Camera, IMTK, A Voice for Lil Olive and much more.
  • All of the logos and identity for The Schuermann Collective and its various offshoots were designed by Greg.

Best Friend and Creative Consultant

  • There is nothing better than a friend with incredible creativity and imagination who NEVER poses the threat of terminal "creative differences".
  • Supportive in all of the film projects that Pete does, often helping financially as was the case with IMTK.
  • Lives in Bend, Oregon.

Executive Producer and team "mom"

  • Incredibly organized and driven but with the heart of a nurturing poet.
  • Nancy has served as producer and/or executive producer on HAZE and The Creep Behind the Camera.
  • A natural at all things business, Nancy excells at instilling a sense of genuine love and caring for team members and clients.

The sister I never had

  • Pete Schuermann has two brothers and no sisters, except for Nancy - the sister from another mister.
  • A working relationship that is so incredibly valuable - one free of battling egos or disagreements in what is "real" and important to a project, or life priorities.
  • So supportive of creative ambition, even if it takes a leap of faith to know where the journey will take her.
  • Married to the very successful Terry Theken, who graciously has shared his success and wife's time and attention in the name of creative endeavors.

Creative Director and Designer

  • Like Greg Kleinert, Marco has collaborated with Pete Schuermann on many commercial projects.
  • Marco has served as marketing director for some of the country's most prestigious advertising agencies.
  • Pete Schuermann's go-to guy for local creative project design and management.

Friend and Project Muse

  • Marco can keep ego in check on collaborations, but never wavers on pointing out a dissonant note. It's all in the name of quality and ensuring same.
  • Easy-going in the extreme, Marco's enthusiasm for the pitch-perfect chord in any approach, whether it be a film project or a commercial endeavor, is contagious and much appreciated.
  • In the muse capacity, when Pete needs guidance or assurance, Marco is always there with the right words, offered selflessly.

Director of film studies at UCCS, and a professor of German and Film.

  • Robert exudes CLASS - not the school kind - in his passion for film and in his concern for what his students need to appreciate the art form.
  • Robert's keen insight in the depth of cinema in all of its forms make his one of Pete's most treasured influencers.

Symbiotic Ally

  • Whenever Pete Schuermann feels the need for support or a sympathetic ear, Robert provides most valuable friendship and understanding. Pete suspects the relationship is a two-way street.
  • Having a friend who understands the complexities of tackling ambitious projects is great, but it is truly golden when it comes from such a worldy, educated and intelligent individual.
  • Colorado is lucky to have this quiet and anassuming indivudual.

Producer and former owner of Watt Imagination! Productions.

  • With Rob once again, Pete Schuermann is lucky to have forged many working relationships with even-keeled and objective individuals. Rob has been one of the key figures in the advancement of Pete's professional and artistic journey.
  • As a producer, Rob brings an exacting precision and attention to detail second to know. The working relationship with Pete was the perfect union of Left Brain/Right Brain.

A Free Spirit

  • Rob no longer works within the video production industry, instead he has sought out a more adventurous lifestyle touring the country as owner of Trailmaster Adventures.
  • Depsite the mention above that Rob no longer works in production, his adventure motorcycle endevour allows him to create motion pictures that detail special routes for bike enthusiasts across the country.
  • Pete and Rob still work and collaborate together from time to time, one of the strongest reasons for Pete is Rob's sense of quality and excitement for the films Pete has been creating.
  • A valued friend.

Architect Extraordinaire

  • Doug's prominent and prestigious designs can be found across the country in cities like Las Vegas and San Diego.
  • Artist first due to his passion for all things creative.

Great Friend and source of inspiration & affirmation

  • Pete had asked Doug to appear in The Creep Behind the Camera as a bouncer, due to his imposing height and size. It was here that a great friendship was formed.
  • Doug is not one to simply watch from the sidelines, he became enthusiastic for the project due to some of the material he was able to see.
  • Pete will forever be grateful in how Doug used his considerable business influence and connections to expand the awareness of Pete's work on a local level and beyond.