The Schuermann Collective structure

The Schuermann Collective is the father company of the various offshoots listed below. Structurally, TSC exists to serve any and all creative collaboration – commercial, educational, documentary or feature film – that seeks to enlist Pete Schuermann as a vendor to direct, write, produce, edit and so on.

Shelter Island Films is an LLC created for the film A Voice for Lil Olive. It is owned by Pete and Ashley Schuermann and is repsonsible for all production and promotion of that specific film. Ultimately, Shelter Island will produce additional educational material for the non-profit organization SitStaySpeakOut.

Originally, all film production work done by Pete Schuermann, such as IMTK, conditional, Alice in Wasteland and more, was produced by Monster Zero Creative. Typically, any feature or short film should require a new LLC or corporation for the production of that film specifically. In essence, each project becomes its individual business endeavor.


MZC has existed across several different projects, however, but that will likely change in the future.

Monster Zero Cinematography is currently “dormant” as an entity, as The Schuermann Collective currently would be the company handling “shooting only” needs. This will likely change, as camera ops and rentals can be specifically obtained through this facet of the collective.

As the name implies, Monster Zero Animation if a separate LLC for those clients seeking motion graphics – both 2D and 3D animation – or special effects for film or video. Pete Schuermann’s start in production was largely in the animation arena so much experience is brought to the table for clients seeking top-notch motion graphics.

Why the name Monster Zero?

Pete Schuermann has always been a fan of Kaiju Eiga, or Japanese monster movies. Monster Zero was actually the name of the three-headed dragon from the Godzilla series – King Ghidorah.


Since the first three films Pete had directed had a bit of an outre context, Monster Zero seemed an apt and creative name. The three-headed emblem (created by Greg Kleinert) also lent itself to the three aspects of production Pete was offering at the time – directing, animation and cinematography.


The Schuermann Collective of course is more apt currently, as all manner of creative motion pictures are what is being offered. It is hoped that the diverse body of work speaks clearly to what The Schuermann Collective offers: creativity and resourcefulness for any visual story from commercials to features, done with a cinematic feel and Hollywood-grade quality.