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Narrative and documentary feature and short films. Commercial, educational and corporate production.

Pete Schuermann was born on Long Island and is currently a resident of Monument, Colorado. His experience in the visual field includes on the job training in almost every aspect of visual production, including but not limited to: photography, lighting, editing, directing, scripting, graphics and his most favorite directing.


Pete maintains an eye for what he calls “a cinematic style of storytelling”, which he feels adds a special dynamic and compelling content to any visual project. Numerous advertising, production and corporate entities have tapped him for creative vision on many projects, both long format and short.


“I’d love to be considered for most any project, as long as creativity is required. It’s always about telling a story, whether it is to save lives or to sell wares. I treat a client’s needs with the same enthusiasm as I treat one of my own dream projects. Let’s make it special, memorable and result driven.”

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With almost 30 years or professional production experience, Pete Schuermann has created several companies to cover the different facets of modern film production. Below are the identities of each company that has endured to this day.

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