The Creep Behind the Camera (2016)

An exploration of the making of b-movie
sci-fi cult classic "The Creeping Terror" and its con-man director Art "A.J." Nelson/Vic Savage.

The Creep Behind the Camera was originally to be a documentary but as it developed it ultimately morphed into a straightforward narrative dark-comedy.


Its success led to an incredible world-wide tour starting in the Netherlands at the famous Amsterdam EYE as part of the prestigious Imagine Film Festival.


At first watch most viewers find many of the sequences in 1964 uber-dud The Creeping Terror so unbelievably awful and ineptly executed that the movie transcends the sci-fi and horror genres and delves into the realm of comedy. But the story behind the film contains all of the elements of classic movie-making that director Art Nelson would have killed to have in The Creeping Terror.


The story is told by the actual people who helped bring The Creeping Terror to life, and the the desperate tales of Art Nelson are recounted by those who knew him best. Elegantly produced scenes set up the actual (and hilarious) footage from The Creeping Terror, also included in The Creep Behind the Camera!


The real monster was behind the camera.

The critics weigh in...

Michael Klug
Michael Klug
Best Horror Films
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“Fantastic! The film goes back and forth from laugh-out-loud funny, as Savage ineptly directs his cast and crew and his actors are continually swallowed up by the vaginal opening of the creature, to terribly disturbing, as Phillips nails those violent outbursts. Basically, the film had everything!”
Joe Dante - Director
Joe Dante - Director"Gremlins", "Small Soldiers"
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“I was impressed with the professionalism on display in all categories. Cinematography was especially good… a terrific job!”
Mike Snoonian
Mike SnoonianAll Things Horror
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"I'm not sure I remember the last time a movie made me laugh so hard one moment then chilled me to my core seconds later. Anyone that has an interest in the seedy underbelly of Hollywood would be well served by The Creep Behind The Camera.”
August Ragone
August RagoneFamous Monsters of Filmland
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“Schuermann's balance between documentary and docudrama is pitch-perfect, making THE CREEP BEHIND THE CAMERA not only engrossing but thoroughly entertaining.”
Ard Vijn
Ard VijnTWITCH Film
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“…a cute and clever hybrid which makes for some thoroughly enjoyable viewing, due to its bizarre subject-matter and the damn good acting from its leads.”
Julius Koetsier
Julius KoetsierThe Cult Corner
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“…remarkable! …it is amazing how Schuermann [melds] a series of witty anecdotes about Hollywood combined with the painful story of the abused Lois.”
Simon Lepperiere
Simon LepperiereFantasia Montreal
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"I cannot say how much I enjoyed this fascinating tale of madness. I was laughing all the time as well as being engaged by what is in many ways a tragedy. The lead is marvelous in a bipolar performance and the sense of rhythm gives him the chance to shine.”
Roel Haanen
Roel HaanenImagine FF
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“On first glance it’s the hilarious take of the making of one of the worst movies in history, but below the surface it’s a sordid nightmare of fraud, spousal abuse, violence and much, much worse. You didn’t pull any punches and that’s what makes CREEP! so much fun…”
King Hazard
King HazardYell Magazine
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“It was extremely well shot and very eye-catching; the director of photography should get an award for this.... Director Pete Schuermann also did a superb job…”


In 2016, Synapse Films released The Creep Behind the Camera on Blu-ray and DVD.

Additionally, representation through Circus Road Films led to a simultaneous release through extensive pay cable, on-demand and internet venues.

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The following are some videos that were included as part of the "special features" collection of the Synapse release.