conditional (2009)

An emotional story of heartache between father and son and a seemingly futile effort towards reconciliation during a significant holiday occurrence.

One Christmas some years ago, one lonely old man has only his very special pet pug for company. A surprise visit from his estranged son leads to further seemingly irreparable damage between them.


Notes from writer/director Pete Schuermann about conditional:


Made in 2012, this is one of my most personal and favorite motion pictures. It’s a pseudo-autobiographical “fable” about strained relationships that are often unfortunately left unresolved…for life.


There were only two festivals I had entered conditional into, and right out of the gate, the short become winner of the “15 Minutes of Fame” Florida Film Festival for Best Dramatic Film.

It was shot at 720p with the Panasonic HVX200 using the Blade 35mm adapter. I love the look that equipment combination gives this particular piece… rather soft and fuzzy which is apt for the mood, in my opinion.


NOTE: After the aforementioned two festival acceptances – the only two entered – I opted to share this film during the Christmas season on social media and do so to this day. I’m not sure why… it was just something I felt compelled to do. 🙂

The critics weigh in...

Mathew Schniper
Mathew SchniperCS Independent
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“...solid technical proficiency was evident throughout, with some very nice camera angles and thoughtful blocking on display, highlighting a very serious subject matter...demonstrating a sharpness in editing and conciseness in storytelling. It's a difficult thing to do, often under-appreciated by audiences."