Evil Brain from Planet X (2008)

An invader from the dreaded Planet X, an ambulatory, flying-saucer-owning brain with one eye, comes to Earth in search of human flesh.

Intellects from outer space want breeding stock to repopulate their planet and the recent dead of planet Earth provide the mechanism for their nefarious deeds. Sound familiar? Well, sort off. Some shocking twists, or better yet, back ended surprises fill this spoof of vintage sci-fi horror films.


Winner of the 2008 Las Vegas Pollygrind Jury Prize for best short film, Evil Brain from Planet X is a “grindhouse” movie trailer spoof for a fictional (and non-existent) 1050’s-60’s era schlock monster movie.


Note from director/writer Pete Schuermann:


Now and then I get an idea that just wont leave my (not evil) brain, and this was one of them. A great thing about emulating low-budget films of the past is that the filmmaker can stay low-budget in the homage. And low-budget this is! Shot for approximately $300 and the help of good friends, Evil Brain from Planet X was a blast to make! Pun semi-intended.


Strangely enough, I had not submitted Evil Brain to any of the three film festivals where it was showcased. Both Indie Sprit and Pollygrind had requested it, though I don’t know how they had seen it. As for Tri-cities International, I didn’t know it had even been shown until way later! Celestial intervention?!


I personally have a great love of vintage, cheesy (and good) monster movies, so this is really an ode to my passion. It gets a bit edgy here and there, so YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!