Hick Trek: The Moovie (1999)

The future of the galaxy is at stake when the Redneck Federation is attacked by a ship full of giant cats.

Hick Trek…where to start? A start is exactly what it is, actually. Pete Schuermann along with his brother John had often dabbled as children making movies with their parents’ Super 8mm camera. Hick Trek was the culmination of that experience.


Hick Trek was an early “fan film” that spoofed the classic sci-fi television show Star Trek. In this case, redneck characters took the place of the seasoned Starfleet officers from the show.


It was always a pet project for Pete and John, basically something for them along with a local Star Trek enthusiasts club to do. When completed, over the course of 2 years, it was shown at several science fiction conventions and was greeted with much enthusiasm by the audiences there.


Many years later, the original super 8 print was digitally scanned and re-edited with some modifications. The brothers sought distribution which was ultimately found through Sterling Home Video on both DVD and VHS. The former was available for years through Netflix.


The film definitely has its comical moments, but of course acting and production value (cardboard sets and props) are rather terrible. Pete Schuermann actually plays the lead – his one and only lead role.


NOTE: Recently, when J.J. Abrams film Star Trek Into Darkness was shown at the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain, the preview for Hick Trek preceded screenings. (!)

The critics weigh in...

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"I've been waiting for this for YEARS!. My family had this on DVD when I was a kid and I have been trying to find a digital copy for years. I'm so happy this is available. It's fantastic. 10/10."
AdminFilm Threat
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“Captain Slim T. Jerk must battle the threat alongside Mr. Schlock, Horns McBoy and Sueyou. It’s as if Mad Magazine penned an extra long episode of 'Hee-Haw.' ...the hick theme does lend itself to the low-budget props and shoddy effects.”
User Review
User ReviewIMDB
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“Now this is classic. A friend of mine told me about this flick, saying that it's incredibly lame, stupid, retarded, and moronic. He also said that I'd love it. To my surprise, I found it available from netflix (sic) and rented it at once. I'm just shocked that I had never heard of it before. If I could give it an eleven, I would.”
August Ragone
August RagoneFamous Monsters of Filmland
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“Schuermann's balance between documentary and docudrama is pitch-perfect, making THE CREEP BEHIND THE CAMERA not only engrossing but thoroughly entertaining.”
Ard Vijn
Ard VijnTWITCH Film
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“…a cute and clever hybrid which makes for some thoroughly enjoyable viewing, due to its bizarre subject-matter and the damn good acting from its leads.”
Julius Koetsier
Julius KoetsierThe Cult Corner
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“…remarkable! …it is amazing how Schuermann [melds] a series of witty anecdotes about Hollywood combined with the painful story of the abused Lois.”
Simon Lepperiere
Simon LepperiereFantasia Montreal
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"I cannot say how much I enjoyed this fascinating tale of madness. I was laughing all the time as well as being engaged by what is in many ways a tragedy. The lead is marvelous in a bipolar performance and the sense of rhythm gives him the chance to shine.”
Roel Haanen
Roel HaanenImagine FF
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“On first glance it’s the hilarious take of the making of one of the worst movies in history, but below the surface it’s a sordid nightmare of fraud, spousal abuse, violence and much, much worse. You didn’t pull any punches and that’s what makes CREEP! so much fun…”
King Hazard
King HazardYell Magazine
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“It was extremely well shot and very eye-catching; the director of photography should get an award for this.... Director Pete Schuermann also did a superb job…”


Hick Trek, like Star Warp’d, has “enjoyed” a very strange and long journey through science fiction festival showings and distribution. It holds the distinction of being the most reviewed film ever (at the time it was available) on Netflix. Reviews were either full of praise of hate-filled condemnation.


Fans in the former category even went so far to film a sequel (Hick Trek 2: The Next Aggravation), with Pete and John Schuermann’s blessing. The filmmaker, one Tony Trombo, even requested the Pete revisit the role of Captain Jerk. Pete declined.


Currently, after an upgrade to 1080p high definition, Hick Trek is now available online at Amazon and other avenues, thanks to a distribution deal through WildEye Releasing.


Again, it is polarizing audiences though the nostalgia factor does seem to hold some sway.