Moses 2000 (2000)

Moses is gathering his flock of crimefighters to deliver the world from its scum.

Notes from writer/director Pete Schuermann regarding Moses 2000:


Made in 1999 and shot on mini-DV with a budget of around $300, this is my first solo short film. Over the years, a group of film fanatics consisting of myself, my brother John and a collection of creative friends from school days would often joke about a “mock” film trailer for Moses returning in the present to fight crime. A Godly superhero. Many of our collective ideas wound up in this film.


Of course, it was a test of abilities and drive to pull something a bit audacious. I had no intention of mocking religious beliefs with the silly film, rather lampooning the rather over-the-top approach to Biblical material you would see in a film like The Ten Commandments.


Film festivals seemed rather out of reach at the time (or so I thought at my younger age). I guess I made this movie just out of a desire to get it done.


Incredibly, Moses 2000 caught the attention of former Disney exec Bob Garner, through friend and supporter of filmmakers on the rise Jan Jones. After proving to him that I could handle large-scale projects as well, it was Bob who ultimately landed me the job of co-director and editor for Disneyland: Secrets, Stories and Magic.


Another odd coincidence lies in the fact that the actress playing “Hot Tub Girl #2, in the blue bikini, is Duchelle Lazarro, wife of Tom Lazarro. Tom currently serves A Voice for Lil Olive as Associate Producer.


It’s here in my portfolio as a curiosity more than anything else, as the image quality is so poor. I could not get the aspect ratio correct, for some reason. I apologize for the very poor presentation, in NTSC of course.


Moses 2000 was actually sold to Cinemanow, an online short film streaming service from Lionsgate Films. Additionally, along with Jimmy Hits the Big Town, it was purchased for a television program based out of Florida. Turning a profit for a short film was something extrememly rare at the time; these days as well.