A Voice for Lil Olive (tentatively 2020)

As HAZE (2008) was to the college drinking environment, A Voice for Lil Olive seeks to be about the subject of puppy mills. A definitive look at the problems and solutions to these horrific places.

A Voice for Lil Olive is a new documentary conceived and directed by Pete Schuermann. His wife Ashley serves as one of the Executive Producers.


This film will spotlight the life-changing bond between a family and its puppy mill rescue dog. Its projected 2020 release will add to and amplify the voices of tens of thousands who, in following Lil Olive’s story on social media, have been inspired to fight the cruel puppy mill industry.


A Voice for Lil Olive‘s mission is to make people aware of and to change attitudes about rescued pets through the telling of Lil Olive’s tale. In this way, she becomes the voice for so many dogs and animals in need.


Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory), Linda Blair (The Exorcist, “The Worldheart Organization”), Patrick Fabian (Better Call Saul), Victoria Stilwell (Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog”) and many other celebrities and experts have lent their voices as part of this project to help “man’s best friend”.


A Voice for Lil Olive is in the research and fundraising process. A crowd-funding campaign on Indieogogo brought in over $150,000 towards the budget. In 2015 when the campaign was launched, Lil Olive was Indiegogo’s most successfully funded documentary project. Awareness for the project continues to this day.

A special PSA from Kaley Cuoco...

Notes from writer/director Pete Schuermann:


One of my all-time favorite pieces, shot entirely on green screen for the animals and composited in Adobe After Effects.


With a concept and script by me, this video serves a dual purpose: to raise awareness on a viral social media level for both the non-profit organization SitStaySpeakOut.org and my film A Voice for Lil Olive.


The wonderful Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory stars here and in A Voice for Lil Olive.


Note that the end slate calls attention to our Indiegogo campaign for the film, though this video will have many different iterations and can be used for a variety of organizations and individuals seeking to end puppy mills through education.

A contribution from artist Monique Crine...

Denver-based and internationally renowned artist Monique Crine became aware of A Voice for Lil Olive and, through contact with the producers, kindly offered an amazing gift and opportunity.


She spent months creating a wonderful painting of Kaley Cuoco and her dog. The final work has been offered up to the filmmakers with the hopes that it will become a method of fund-raising. An auction is expected sometime summer 2019.


The adjacent video explains her motivation and shows the artist at work in her studio.


Thank you so very much, Monique!

A library of videos to aid a campaign...

Many more can be found on the A Voice for Lil Olive YouTube channel.

It is the hope of both Pete and Ashley Schuermann that this special project reaches a very high level of public acceptance and awareness.


From there SitStaySpeakOut can continue to create top-notch media content that can continue to protect and enhance the lives of all sorts of animals.


Perhaps the “Supatongue Thertified” emblem (below), which was created to further the Lil Olive brand awareness, can become a badge of quality and assurance for people seeking ethically raised pets and pet products.

A Voice for Lil Olive has been a rather incredible and arduous journey since it’s inception. For the most in-depth look at the project please visit the website and follow the project on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


The production has led to the creation of a non-profit organization called SitStaySpeakOut.org, which over time will evolve beyond Lil Olive and create all manner of media-based animal welfare awareness content.


In addition to the Indiegogo campaign mentioned previously on this page, a wealth of merchandise branded with the project name is available online as well.

As efforts to raise the entire production budget continue, the production team lead by Pete Schuermann will continue to create awareness posts in social media and video segments that can be shared for educational purposes.


A colorful brochure of the production is available as well as a comprehensive production plan that includes a full budget breakdown, plans for distribution, a creative outline and more.


For more information, visit the contact us page on the website or visit www.avoiceforlilolive.com.

What people are saying...

Victoria Stilwell
Victoria StilwellAnimal Planet
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“This documentary is going to be an absolute must-see. What I love about A Voice for Lil Olive is that it doesn’t bombard the viewer with sad images of puppy mills — it instead focuses on positive solutions.”
Kaley Cuoco
Kaley Cuoco"Big Bang Theory"
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“I’m thrilled to be a part of A Voice for Lil Olive. I honestly believe this film can really help put puppy mills out of existence forever!”
John Goodwin
John GoodwinHumane Society US
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“Puppy mill dogs need help, and Lil Olive is an adorable ambassador for those who still need to be rescued from the cruel puppy mill industry and other dogs in need as well.”

Many thanks go to the project supporters...