IMTK (2019)

Accomplished actor Tony Todd leads the cast for this story of domestic violence and cyclical abuse; a heartbreaking drama of ethnic challenges, law enforcement and the shaping of lives.

In 1976 a young boy falls victim to drub abusing parents then in present day, a domestic disturbance call leads two seasoned police officers into an event that is eerily familiar to one of them. IMTK is a story of cyclical abuse and the path to ruin – or redemption.


IMTK is the latest short film production from writer/director Pete Schuermann. A custom symphonic music score composed and conducted by John DeSentis is rapidly reaching completion.


The film is extremely intense,as it is a study on cyclical domestic abuse and law enforcement. Early screenings have garnered very positive reviews.


Pete Schuermann comments:

It was an honor working with the famous Tony Todd (The Rock, Platoon, The Crow, Candyman to name a tiny few), who I feel turned in an amazing performance. I will be submitting IMTK into many film festivals once the score is complete.