Jimmy Hits the Big Town (2002)

Young Jimmy has just graduated high school and has made a disconcerting life decision - he is moving to the city. Little does he know his very soul will be in peril!

Jimmy Hits the Big Town is a spoof of films like “Reefer Madness” which feature antiquated and extreme bias, ignorance and opposition towards what in modern days has been met with acceptance and understanding. In this case, homosexuality.


Notes from writer/director Pete Schuermann:


My intention was to lampoon ignorant sexism and bigotry. Overwhelmingly, the intention was accepted.


Jimmy Hits the Big Town has played at numerous film festivals and LGBT events; I’m told often with extreme enthusiasm. I’m wary of misconception on intention, though, and welcome comments and feedback. I do NOT mean to offend and will check commentary (on Vimeo where the film is available for online viewing) often, and if need be, remove this short film from online exposure.


By the way, the character of Jimmy was created for the educational program “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”, written and directed for producer Rob Watt. Mark Lee (Jimmy) and I had such fun with that concept that we were compelled to make another. A television network out of Florida had also requested I create another Jimmy episode for a syndicated program. Another short film of mine, Moses 2000, was shown as well.